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TMJ Myths That You May Think Are True

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Dental pain can be one of the most debilitating types of pain to have because it can make it virtually impossible for you to eat, drink or speak. Unfortunately, there are many sources of dental pain, and many of these conditions are not well-understood by patients. In particular, TMJ is a common disorder that many people will experience, but they may believe a couple of prevalent myths about this condition that can cause them to delay treatment. 

Myth: TMJ Always Is Caused By Bacteria

Some people assume that this condition is caused by a bacterial infection, and as a result, they may wait to see if their body can clear out the infection before seeking medical help. Unfortunately, this condition is rarely caused by bacteria, and it is a progressive disorder. 

This condition affects the joint in the mouth that allows it to open, and it can cause intense inflammation, pain and bone damage if it is not treated. There can be many causes for this joint to develop problems, but it is often a habit of the patient that is contributing to the condition. For example, biting your fingernails can strain the muscles that open this joint, and this can cause you to develop the early stages of this condition. 

Myth: Surgery Is The Best Way To Correct This Condition

For those that understand TMJ is a joint disorder, they may assume that surgery is the most likely choice for treating the condition. Sadly, an aversion to surgery may cause some people to delay getting this problem treated which can give the condition time to progress to a point where surgery is required. 

When it is diagnosed in the early stages, it is usually possible to correct this problem through the use of a special mouthguard that you wear while you sleep. This guard will keep your jaw perfectly aligned, and this will help keep the stress and strain on your jaw to a minimum. Unfortunately, it can take several weeks for the symptoms of this condition to completely subside. Luckily, you do not have to endure terrible pain this entire time because your dentist may prescribe pain medications, and the worst of the symptoms will usually pass within a few days of receiving treatment. 

TMJ refers to a painful inflammation of the primary joint of the mouth. While this condition is relatively common, many patients believe myths that discourage them from receiving immediate treatment. By understanding that this is not a bacterial infection that will heal on its own and early treatment will help prevent the need for surgery, you can better ensure that you heal as quickly as possible from this painful disorder. 

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