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A More Elegant Laser: What You Need To Know About Soft-Tissue Laser Surgery

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When it comes to laser surgery, most people think about corrective vision procedures than about their mouth. But soft-tissue laser surgery is a very real (and very helpful) method of cutting and/or contouring the soft tissue in your mouth to better help you deal with various procedures and dental interventions. If you're wondering whether you should switch to a laser-using dental practice, then here's what you need to know.

They're perfect for anxious patients

Whirr, clank, bzzz -- all of these sounds have the ability to make you anxious while sitting in the dentist's chair. Anxious patients can make a dentist's job harder, along with possibly making the procedure drag on and leaving you with a less than desirable visit, on the whole.

Lasers have no sound associated with them, which lowers your anxiety levels while in the chair. Instead of dreading the sound of the drill with white knuckles and a clenched jaw (which delays the procedure and annoys the dentist attempting to work on you), you can be assured that when it's time to work, you won't hear a thing.

They promise a hassle-free experience

Cutting into soft tissue can be uncomfortable for patients, even when a local anesthetic is applied. But anesthetic can be annoying when you have to wait for it to wear off before driving home, and lots of times pain will sneak through the numbness when you least expect it.

With a laser cutting the soft tissue, however, the need for a local anesthetic is severely limited and neither sutures nor stitches are needed after the procedure. All of these mean that you spend less time recovering (both in the waiting room and at home) and more time enjoying the benefits of the dental procedure you underwent.

They prevent infection

The absolute best thing about soft-tissue laser surgery, however, is that it minimizes the ever-present threat of infection from soft-tissue procedures. The laser cauterizes the tissue at the same time that it cuts it, so that the area being worked on is sterilized, and all bacteria in the area are killed.

The Bottom Line

Soft-tissue surgery is great for correcting gummy smiles, lengthening crowns, and even getting rid of the folds in soft tissue that result from improperly fitting dentures. If you feel like you could benefit from the use of a laser in your dental appointments, talk to your dentist about it today.