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3 Tips for Choosing Clear Braces Options That Will Lead to Them Being Virtually Invisible

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If you are considering your teeth-straightening options, then you may have your eye on clear braces. They are a great option for people who want the advantages of traditional braces over clear aligners but still want an appliance that is less noticeable than traditional metal braces. You have several options when choosing your clear braces, and here are three tips to follow when making those choices to end up with braces that are virtually invisible on your teeth. 

1. Choose Wisely Between Clear and Tooth-colored Brackets

When many people decide they want clear braces, they don't realize that there are color choices in brackets. Truly clear brackets are made of monocrystalline alumina, while whitish, tooth-colored brackets are made of polycrystalline. Both are considered types of ceramic, but they are composed of slightly different mixtures of materials. 

Dental experts recommend choosing the clear option if your teeth are very white, but if your teeth are discolored or naturally dark, tooth-colored brackets are a better choice. Following this advice will help you achieve a final result that is the least noticeable. 

When in doubt, you can ask your orthodontist for a sample of each material and hold them up to your teeth to see which you think looks better!

2. Opt for Arch Wires with a White Coating

If you think that clear braces will still be very noticeable due to the metal arch wire that all traditional braces need to have, then think again. While your orthodontist will choose the wire with the diameter and shape best for you and your teeth-straightening goals, you can ask for a white coating on them to make them just as unnoticeable as your brackets. 

The only disadvantage to choosing this coating is that it may chip here and there, but the wire can be replaced when it develops a chip in a noticeable spot. When changing your wire due to chips in the white coating, your orthodontist may charge you a small extra fee. However, many people find it well worth it when they always have wires that are virtually invisible. 

3. Follow Good Dental Hygiene to Keep Your Teeth as White as Your Braces

Since you will likely wear ceramic braces for a year or two (just like metal braces), you want to follow good dental hygiene practices while wearing them or you risk your teeth yellowing and ending up darker than your braces. This can be a good thing when it helps you keep consistent brushing and flossing habits that not only keep your teeth white, but also wards off white spots that can develop when tartar builds around brackets.

Make sure to use the special tools designed for braces wearers, like interdental brushes, to clean around brackets well every day. However, most orthodontists agree that you should not chemically whiten your teeth when wearing braces, as you risk an uneven tooth color when the braces are taken off. 

If you are thinking of getting clear braces, then follow these tips for making them virtually unnoticeable. You can then have straight teeth eventually without feeling conspicuous during the straightening process. Contact a dentist from an establishment such as York & Bay Dental Office Clear Braces today.