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How Dental Schools Can Cut Your Denture Costs

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Dental implants have become a popular trend, but one of the reasons to still choose dentures over implants is that you can save more money. But if you need to lower the cost of your dentures even further, you may want to look for a dental school where you can have your dentures created for you for a much lower cost as long as you are okay with being practiced on.

The Cost of Dental School Dentures

The cost of dental care from a school is much lower than what you would find at a dental office. Also, the students are nearing the end of their education and are closely supervised, so you will not have to worry about poor-quality dentures. However, make sure that you call ahead to find out the cost, since some schools are more expensive. You will usually have to pay for half of the treatment cost before the procedure and half afterward. However, many schools will also accept insurance payments.

Visiting the School

Dental schools are best for those who can afford to wait, such as patients waiting to have dentures made. Also, once it is time to visit the school, you must be available to do so. You may need more appointments than one at a school, because schools will break the treatments up into smaller segments so students can grasp certain concepts.

Seeing a New Dentist

If you cannot find schools that offer affordable dentures, the next best bet is a newly graduated student. Newer students have a harder time attracting patients and are looking to prove themselves. But since they have been educated recently, they will be familiar with the newest technologies and best practices that older dentists may not have brushed up on yet.

Cheaper Alternatives

To reduce the cost of dentures even further, see if you can get partial dentures rather than full dentures. This option is selected when you still have some of your healthy teeth. The partial dentures are designed with a plastic base, fake teeth and metal. However, the partial dentures are only suitable if you have more than two missing teeth. If you have only one or two missing teeth, the best alternative to dental implants is a bridge. Regardless of the option you select, there is usually a school that will be willing to perform the procedure at a lower cost, and you will have the satisfaction of helping a student meet his or her graduation requirements.

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